Guide to Ordering

Unfortunately the Company Whose Name I am not Allow to Say Anymore has ordered me not to tell you how to access their website in order to gather the information I need to process your order through Jet Beads. (please EMAIL ME direct via the form to the right for the name of the company)

Basically all I need the ITEM ID and QUANTITY of the item(s) you want me to get for you submitted to me via the ORDER REQUEST FORM  . There are a few different ways to get the info to me:

  1. Simply type out the list of ITEM IDs and QTYs of what you want in the form, or;
  2. Copy and paste the actual cart contents from ???-Co into the form, or;
  3. Export your cart from ???-Co (at the bottom of their cart page there is an option to “Export Cart”. Just attach this exported file to my Order Request Form, or;
  4. Log into your account at ???-Co and add everything you want to a Favorites List. Then just tell me via the Order Request Form to go look (remember – you MUST be logged in at ???-Co in order to create a Favorites List)