Guide to Ordering

I order daily from the largest “Big Bead Company” in the US. I can’t tell you who they are but  EMAIL ME direct via the form to the right for the name of the company). I get product at their 100+ unit price break no matter what the quantity. It is this 100+ unit price break level that I pass on to you.

Basically all I need the ITEM ID and QUANTITY of the item(s) you want me to get for you submitted to me via the ORDER REQUEST FORM  . There are a few different ways to get the info to me:

  1. Simply type out the list of ITEM IDs and QTYs of what you want in the form, or;
  2. Copy and paste the actual cart contents from “Big Bead Company” into the form, or;
  3. Export your cart from “Big Bead Company” (at the bottom of their cart page there is an option to “Export Cart”. Just attach this exported file to my Order Request Form, or;
  4. Log into your account at “Big Bead Company” and add everything you want to a Favorites List. Then just tell me via the Order Request Form to go look (remember – you MUST be logged in at “Big Bead Company” in order to create a Favorites List)