About Jason

My name is Jason Walz and I have been a beader for several years. I own a web-based jewelry making business (The Custom Mala Shop)  that allows me to buy from the “Company Whose Name I am not Allow to Say Anymore” at the 100+ pricing level. My jewelry business is a one-man-show as is Jet Beads.

Like you I am simply a customer of the “Company Whose Name I am not Allow to Say Anymore”- I am not employed by them or working as an agent for them or associated with them in any other way.

I live in Gilbert AZ (a city next to Phoenix) and when not doing bead stuff, I am the President of the Board of Mesa Encore Theatre, Inc.  We are the oldest community theatre in Arizona celebrating our 80th season this year! I also act as technical director for many of our productions.

I have a very open and honest way of doing business. I believe in complete transparency- to be clear and lacking deception; to be open, honest, and to be accountable. Often you will encounter businesses out there that lack this transparency. Be careful- there are deceptive people out there! If you want to know anything else about me please feel free to email me via the Contact Jason link or call me at 480-252-8074. I love to talk to my customers because beading seems to attract such a wonderful and wide variety of people!

Here is a picture of me and my kids and my girlfriend’s daughter Courtney (taken a few years ago):

Me with the kids